RIP ELT (2004 - 2011)



In the unofficially dubbed "Alumni District" of Fort Worth, TX, Eaton Lake Tonics began with Tony Ferraro and David Howard as a congruent project to Pump, Pump, Cuddle: a math/surf/punk/post-punk outfit. After the christening and re-focusing, the first ELT song-fart sessions were recorded in Howard's apartment during a playful and nefarious bet known as "Lent". In 2004, Ferraro and Howard picked up Jonathan Losasso to complete the unit, and the songs went to the practice room and to sports bars in the area.

Close friend, Mark Huebel recorded the debut album "Bernadina" in two weeks (in his parent's garage and at the price of 24+ Albertson's brand cola) in the early spring of 2005. The album boasted an 'undeclared' postition for the band's seemingly not-yet-chosen style. Part country, part stoner rock, part joke-rock, part third-grade crush pop-punk, this debut album was released to local reviews and the seeds of a reputation for prolificacy and determination.
The departure of Howard left Ferraro and Losasso to work on the band's second full-length "Long Arm Days" in early 2006. The tone of the lyrics and music took a much more personal and dark tone, peppered with suicidal ramblings and heartbreak galore. This time saw the entry of Patrick Adams to step in and fill out the missing hole in the lineup. The live shows intensified and began to garner much more and favorable attention from many new loyal fans and press. 

In late 2006, Ferraro, Losasso and Adams divided. From the wet shoulder of advice from fellow musicians and friends, Tony was convinced to maintain the name and make another record. "Vicodina" was recorded with the help of many new friends. Amongst the new friends, came the powerful musical alliance between Ferraro and Ryan Thomas Becker. The record began as a solo project in a San Antonio recording studio. Ferraro came home to Fort Worth for he and Becker to complete under the ELT banner in January 2007. The live shows from this time were a littered hodgepodge of membership. There were many local live performances with decriptions ranging from subdued solo act to outrageous romps with all-night outdoor screamers.

Later in 2007, Ferraro and Becker took Eaton Lake Tonics on tour across the Midwest with mate Grady Don Sandlin on drums. The tour was a stepping stone for the band, but also a highway of hindsight for Ferraro, the only remaining original member.

After the tour, writing for the next record began. Each planned song plus additional ones were recorded in numerous accounts at various home studios. Feeling that the songs needed much more energy and temperament, Ferraro re-enlisted the forces of Howard and Losasso. Along with the steadfast and uninterrupted allegiance of Becker, Eaton Lake Tonics recorded and released their final full-length “Rancho Folly IV” in November of 2009.